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[求助] 为什么 rime 设置待选横向无效?设置如下~

  •   Jobin0528 · 344 天前 · 612 次点击
    这是一个创建于 344 天前的主题,其中的信息可能已经有所发展或是发生改变。

    Squirrel settings

    encoding: utf-8

    config_version: "0.22"

    us_keyboard_layout: false

    for veteran chord-typist

    chord_duration: 0.1 # seconds

    options: always | never | appropriate

    show_notifications_when: appropriate

    Show notifications via Notification Center instead of Growl.

    (Only valid if OS version is at least 10.8 and

    'show_notifications_when' is NOT set to 'never'.)

    show_notifications_via_notification_center: false

    style: color_scheme: 谷歌/ Google horizontal: ture inline_preedit: true corner_radius: 5 border_height: 0 border_width: 0 line_spacing: 1 spacing: 5 # space between preedit and candidates in non-inline mode #candidate_format: '%c. %@ ' font_face: 'Lucida Grande' # supporting soft cursor '›' font_point: 18 #label_font_face: 'STHeitiTC-Medium' #label_font_point: 18

    preset_color_schemes: aqua: name: 碧水/ Aqua author: 佛振 chen.sst@gmail.com text_color: 0x606060 back_color: 0xeeeceeee candidate_text_color: 0x000000 hilited_text_color: 0x000000 hilited_candidate_text_color: 0xffffff hilited_candidate_back_color: 0xeefa3a0a comment_text_color: 0x5a5a5a hilited_comment_text_color: 0xfcac9d

    azure: name: 青天/ Azure author: 佛振 chen.sst@gmail.com text_color: 0xcfa677 candidate_text_color: 0xffeacc back_color: 0xee8b4e01 hilited_text_color: 0xffeacc hilited_candidate_text_color: 0x7ffeff hilited_candidate_back_color: 0x00000000 comment_text_color: 0xc69664

    luna: name: 明月/ Luna author: 佛振 chen.sst@gmail.com text_color: 0xa5a5a5 back_color: 0xdd000000 candidate_text_color: 0xeceeee hilited_text_color: 0x7fffff hilited_candidate_text_color: 0x7fffff hilited_candidate_back_color: 0x40000000 comment_text_color: 0xa5a5a5 hilited_comment_text_color: 0x449c9d

    ink: name: 墨池/ Ink author: 佛振 chen.sst@gmail.com text_color: 0x000000 back_color: 0xeeffffff candidate_text_color: 0x000000 hilited_text_color: 0x000000 hilited_back_color: 0xdddddd hilited_candidate_text_color: 0xffffff hilited_candidate_back_color: 0xcc000000 comment_text_color: 0x5a5a5a hilited_comment_text_color: 0x808080

    lost_temple: name: 孤寺/ Lost Temple author: 佛振 chen.sst@gmail.com, based on ir_black text_color: 0xe8f3f6 back_color: 0xee303030 hilited_text_color: 0x82e6ca hilited_candidate_text_color: 0x000000 hilited_candidate_back_color: 0x82e6ca comment_text_color: 0xbb82e6ca hilited_comment_text_color: 0xbb203d34

    dark_temple: name: 暗堂/ Dark Temple author: 佛振 chen.sst@gmail.com, based on ir_black text_color: 0x92f6da back_color: 0x222222 candidate_text_color: 0xd8e3e6 hilited_text_color: 0xffcf9a hilited_back_color: 0x222222 hilited_candidate_text_color: 0x92f6da hilited_candidate_back_color: 0x10000000 # 0x333333 comment_text_color: 0x606cff

    starcraft: name: 星際我爭霸/ StarCraft author: Contralisk contralisk@gmail.com, original artwork by Blizzard Entertainment text_color: 0xccaa88 candidate_text_color: 0x30bb55 back_color: 0xee000000 border_color: 0x1010a0 hilited_text_color: 0xfecb96 hilited_back_color: 0x000000 hilited_candidate_text_color: 0x70ffaf hilited_candidate_back_color: 0x00000000 comment_text_color: 0xfecb96

    google: name: 谷歌/ Google author: skoj skoj@qq.com text_color: 0x666666 #拼音串 candidate_text_color: 0x000000 #非第一候选项 back_color: 0xFFFFFF #背景 border_color: 0xE2E2E2 #边框 hilited_text_color: 0x000000 #拼音串高亮 hilited_back_color: 0xFFFFFF #拼音串高亮背景 hilited_candidate_text_color: 0xFFFFFF #第一候选项 hilited_candidate_back_color: 0xCE7539 #第一候选项背景 comment_text_color: 0x6D6D6D #注解文字 hilited_comment_text_color: 0xEBC6B0 #注解文字高亮

    solarized_rock: name: 曬經石/ Solarized Rock author: Aben tntaben@gmail.com, based on Ethan Schoonover's Solarized color scheme back_color: 0x362b00 border_color: 0x362b00 text_color: 0x009985 hilited_text_color: 0x98a12a candidate_text_color: 0x969483 hilited_candidate_text_color: 0xffffff hilited_candidate_back_color: 0x8236d3 hilited_comment_text_color: 0x362b00

    clean_white: name: 简约白/ Clean White author: Chongyu Zhu lembacon@gmail.com, based on 搜狗「简约白」 horizontal: true candidate_format: '%c %@ ' corner_radius: 6 border_height: 6 border_width: 6 font_point: 16 label_font_point: 12 label_color: 0x888888 text_color: 0x808080 hilited_text_color: 0x000000 candidate_text_color: 0x000000 comment_text_color: 0x808080 back_color: 0xeeeeee hilited_candidate_label_color: 0xa0c98915 hilited_candidate_text_color: 0xc98915 hilited_candidate_back_color: 0xeeeeee

    app_options: com.alfredapp.Alfred: ascii_mode: true com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-2: ascii_mode: true com.blacktree.Quicksilver: ascii_mode: true com.apple.Terminal: ascii_mode: true no_inline: true com.googlecode.iterm2: ascii_mode: true org.vim.MacVim: ascii_mode: true no_inline: true #com.apple.dt.Xcode:

    ascii_mode: true


    ascii_mode: true


    ascii_mode: true


    ascii_mode: true


    ascii_mode: true


    ascii_mode: true

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