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上海:硅谷顶尖 VR 公司-Developer/Tech Leader

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    上海:硅谷顶尖 VR 公司-Developer/Tech Leader

    Company background: U.S Silicon Valley company (a lot of cooperation with google, YouTube and Disney) just entered China. China company is funded by CMC and SMG. Company business is VR content and technology. Work with Xiaomi and SMG in China. 在中国有业务合作。

    Salary: Level and salary range are open, from 300K (engineer) to 1 million (tech lead).

    Location: 南京西路地铁口附近

    Current status: Current total 8 people in China, 130 people in US. Will hire about 15 people in SH in 2017

    good Education background, from top university,
    good coding skills, can be C++, java, C# or C,
    speaks good English,
    experience in Unity 3D, or Mobile platform is a plus.
    Prefer but not limited to candidate backgrounds in Video or Gaming companies.

    Interview process: junior-mid level, first online coding test, then face to face interview. Senior level: face to face interview with line manager and then video or phone with global team

    Send CV to Email: [email protected] or WeChat: janelj78
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