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[金融科技] C++ Developer-顶尖交易公司-上海

  •   recruiterit · 2017-05-04 18:40:47 +08:00 · 1918 次点击
    这是一个创建于 2222 天前的主题,其中的信息可能已经有所发展或是发生改变。
    [金融科技] C++ Developer-顶尖交易公司-上海
    • Key Skills: 3 years+ experience in C++, STL, template, Linux
    • Website: www.akunacapital.com

    Who We Are
    Akuna Capital is a derivatives trading firm headquartered in downtown Chicago that specializes in market making and arbitrage. Akuna started with five employees in 2011 and we now have over 140. In 2014 we grew by 84%, opening our first international office in Shanghai. Our founders remain a strong part of the company and work alongside junior members, building Akuna together. We compete directly with the largest market making and arbitrage firms in the world. We develop our own software strategies, algorithms, and models. We also have floor traders so we are not entirely an electronic firm. We have no clients and trade only using the firm ’ s own money from its partners. We use cutting-edge technology to build our low latency platform.
    公司总部位于美国芝加哥,在上海,波士顿设有分部,我们是美国最大的期权产品做市商之一。交易主要集中在芝加哥商品交易所,芝加哥期权交易所,ISE, 纽约证券交易所,和纳斯达克市场, 涉及的产品包含股票指数期权,利率期权及期货 (国债) ,外汇期权以及商品(谷物,牲畜,石油,和黄金)期货期权。我们有经验丰富的优秀交易员和创新开拓的 IT 精英。Akuna 上海目前正在组建团队,打造最前沿的期权期货交易系统。在这里,你可以更加接近市场,建立自动化的交易系统。这里是技术和市场结合最前沿的地方。(我们是属于做市商,主要做期权产品,期货)

    We are seeking C++ Developer to join our innovative and growing technology team at Akuna. You will work alongside our trading and software team to design and implement elegant solutions to complex and interesting problems.

    What you ’ ll do as a C++ Developer at Akuna:
    • Plan, design and implement high-quality Linux services
    • Engage with traders and developers and articulate ideas clearly
    • Participate in design sessions and code reviews
    • Work on cross-functional teams to troubleshoot and solve complex problems
    • Be mentored by Senior Developers to learn the trading system and domain
    Qualities that make great candidates:
    • 3 years+ experience developing performant, scalable applications in C++ (Experience in C++11 will be a big plus)
    • Understanding of distributed systems, data structures and algorithms
    • Understands concepts of networking (i.e. TCP, UDP, multicast)
    • Capable of writing unit tests and functional tests
    • Ability to break down large problems methodically
    • Experience with Linux and Python
    • Good English communication skill

    We will offer:
    • A huge opportunity to work within a trading environment on complex challenges
    • Work with cutting edge technologies with a hands on approach
    • Have direct interaction and impact on the business
    • Systematic Training (Finance and IT)
    • 20 days annual leave
    • Daily Lunch allowance
    • Ping An Insurance
    • Healthy check
    • Company trip

    If you are interested in it, email to [email protected]
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