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「求代工」带机械键盘的类 Olivetti M10/Alphasmart NEO 2 的打字机

  •   lyricorpse · 2019-03-30 00:19:25 +08:00 · 1337 次点击
    这是一个创建于 1645 天前的主题,其中的信息可能已经有所发展或是发生改变。

    一位美国老派作家朋友想要一款类似 Olivetti M10/Alphasmart NEO 2 的打字机硬件产品,但是觉得 NEO 的键盘不够好,想要替换成机械键盘。他说市面上目前有一款叫 Freewrite 的产品,但是必须联网上传所有文字,这是他所不喜欢的。他想让我问一下在中国是否有厂商愿意生产类似 Olivetti M10/Alphasmart NEO 2 的打字机硬件产品?

    我个人觉得这个需求似乎太过小众和老派了,不知道各位 V 友什么看法,或者认识什么厂商可以代工的?如果有的话,请给一下报价。谢谢!

    邮件原文: I have a question for you: do you think it would be possible to find a company in China that could modify and reproduce either an Olivetti M10 or an Alphasmart NEO 2 with a mechanical keyboard? There's a company here in the US that tried to produce something similar for writers and they called it the Freewrite. The problem was that they didn't listen to the potential customers - writers! - who do NOT want any type of internet / WiFi capabilities, but who are desperate for a tool like the Alphasmart NEO (I have about 15 of them!!), which is no longer produced. Writers want an instant-on function, which the NEO has, and super-long battery life, which the NEO has as well - more than a year on a set of batteries. The screen is small, but suffices. The best modifications would be to have a mechanical keyboard + the possibility of storing simple plain text files on an SD card or other type of flash memory. I think these would really sell. The Freewrite creators made their device with a beautiful mechanical keyboard and a very attractive e-ink screen. The problem, though, is that the stupid thing has to be connected to the cloud where all files are stored. Writers are paranoid people and do not want to take any chances with cloud computing etc.

    The NEO is a wonderful device, but the keyboard feel is less than optimal and the keys are slightly too big as well. I'm just wondering if there is a Chinese company somewhere that could undertake such an endeavor. If you know of one, please let me know.

    3 条回复    2020-07-11 12:55:30 +08:00
       2019-03-30 06:16:50 +08:00 via Android
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    工厂代工一般要走量的。alphasmart 大概就是键盘+屏幕吧。我记得有网站专门画键盘外壳的,考虑自己画一个,塞个树莓派+屏幕上去。。。
       2020-07-11 12:55:30 +08:00
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