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求助如何删除 Doiphin 文件管理器 保存的远程连接的文件的密码(譬如 smb) Doiphin 使用 smb 远程链接文件夹时,选择了记住密码,现在想清除密码,在哪里清清空呢?

  •   lake325 · 8 天前 · 337 次点击
    4 条回复    2021-01-13 20:23:13 +08:00
    lake325   8 天前
    终于找到了!!! 自问自答了
    lake325   8 天前   ❤️ 1
    官方文档这么说的( https://userbase.kde.org/File_transfers

    If your server requires authentication you will be prompted for your credentials in a popup dialog. Enter your username and password. If you wish to save them, check the relevant checkbox. Dolphin will store your passwords securely in your KDE Wallet. For faster access you can insert the username and password directly in the address bar using this format: ftp://username:[email protected]; however we do not recommend this, as it is a security risk. Not only is it visible in your location bar, but it is stored in plain text, and so can be easily read by anyone with access to your home folder. Storing the password in KWallet is much safer, providing you have protected your KWallet with a password.
    guochao   8 天前   ❤️ 1
    kde 上用到 kwallet 的地方遍地都是。比如说 plasma-nm-applet,是一个 qml app,注册自己为 network manager 的 secret agent 、和用户通过 GUI 交互来提供 credential 、作为 network manager 的 credential store 来 CRUD 。

    kde 类的 kwallet,其他的 gnome-keyring 。Windows Credential Manager 。macOS keychain 。都是类似的东西。
    lake325   8 天前
    @guochao 第一次玩 mangaro kde,挺好玩的
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