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I need a job, please contact me.
请问 tensorflow2 安装最低的内存要求?
TensorFlow  •  leven87  •  245 天前  •  最后回复来自 zgoing
程序员  •  leven87  •  2019-08-01 12:30:25 PM  •  最后回复来自 manwei6341
MongoDB 如何在对象中进行联合查询?
MongoDB  •  leven87  •  2019-07-24 08:35:51 AM  •  最后回复来自 ilucio
PHP  •  leven87  •  2019-07-05 17:54:04 PM  •  最后回复来自 cbasil
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回复了 djyde 创建的主题 职场话题 为什么面试不能 Google
这就是潜规则,所以才需要刷题。 国外也是这样,算法啥的,都要刷。
看了下,都是招 java 的。。。。。有没有招其他语言呢?
In my opinion, it's just a job, don't take it too serious. people have different personality.
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回复了 icemanpro 创建的主题 Vue.js 打开其它网站时,如何修改请求头?
@Alchemist13 I just practice my English skill and don't want to forget. As well people here can understand.
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回复了 icemanpro 创建的主题 Vue.js 打开其它网站时,如何修改请求头?
For the description, I don't know. But request always could be based on http protocol, you could add token in the header part.
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回复了 xyxc0673 创建的主题 生活 今天是裸辞的第一天
Have a good rest and Enjoy your holiiiiiiiiiiiiday!
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回复了 liuser666 创建的主题 Windows win7 好快啊
I use Win7 all the time, I don't know why Microsoft update it to Win10, which seems not much optimization. My only concern about Win7 is Microsoft no longer provide Vulnerability patch:(
It doesn't related to your job, position, strength, if you like writing, communicating and sharing, it would make sense.
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