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I write therefore I am.

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It was a fun building NameBridge. Eager to take on another quick project to challenge ourselves next month. 🫡
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回复了 liutao1998 创建的主题 程序员 英语学习交流
Hi, I'm an ex-pat based in Chengdu.

I'm a marketer and writer, among other things.
See and

Great initiative, by the way!

I'm interested in joining your TG group. If anyone's interested, you can find me on Twitter @verfasor.

Anyway, here are a bunch of tips that you may consider as primers:

- Immerse yourself in the language by consuming English-language media such as movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, and books.

- Make speaking a priority. Talk to yourself if you have to. Find conversation partners or language exchange partners to practice speaking with.

- Listen actively to English-language audio such as news, lectures, and podcasts, and focus on specific vocabulary and grammar.

- Use flashcards to memorize new vocabulary and review regularly.

- Study and practice grammar rules in context using exercises.

- Keep a diary (preferably a blog), and write in English daily to improve writing skills and track progress. Send your drafts to someone good in language for reviews.

- Pay attention to idiomatic expressions commonly used in spoken English, and they can be challenging.

- Communicate with native speakers, and join communities or language exchange groups.

- Read He writes great stuff!
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回复了 renashbellchan 创建的主题 程序员 你们的开源项目都怎么起名?
Derive a name from use-case and technology used (if English)

Example: PyGitHub, NotionX, WP-CLI, wttr (derived from weather), etc.
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回复了 getty123 创建的主题 成都 在成都工作的各位,都住在那个地方呀
Yulin and Huayang would be great options.
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