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回复了 Iris103195 创建的主题 分享创造 26.7k star 的开源协同工具 AFFiNE 在 PH Launch 啦🎉
支持一下 我是 notion 用户 这个做的蛮好的
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回复了 dtla 创建的主题 程序员 一道 Java 八股,检测 AI 智商
As a Java developer, when I encounter an error, I follow these steps:

1. Understand the Error: I read the error message carefully to understand what the problem is. Java error messages are usually descriptive and provide a good starting point.

2. Reproduce the Error: I try to reproduce the error consistently. This helps me understand the conditions under which the error occurs.

3. Debug: I use debugging tools available in my IDE (like breakpoints, step over, step into) to trace the execution of the code and find where exactly the error is happening.

4. Research: If the error is not clear, I research the error message online. There are many resources available, like StackOverflow, where similar problems may have been discussed and solved.

5. Fix the Error: Once I understand the error, I fix it in the code. This could involve correcting a syntax mistake, changing the logic, or handling an exception.

6. Test: After fixing the error, I test the code thoroughly to make sure the error is resolved and hasn't caused any other issues.

7. Code Review: I get my code reviewed by peers. They might catch something I missed and it's a good practice to ensure code quality.

8. Learn: Finally, I make a note of the error and how I fixed it. This helps me in the future if I encounter the same error again.
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回复了 dtla 创建的主题 程序员 一道 Java 八股,检测 AI 智商
我用的 copilot 和 GPT-4 回答差不多呀
21 天前
回复了 qweruiop 创建的主题 PostgreSQL 请教一个经典的 postgres 的 sql 怎么写
@Fa11ingWood 因为公司现在开发就是用的 pg ,一般这种情况是统计的为 null 然后这条数据就直接不展示了
21 天前
回复了 qweruiop 创建的主题 PostgreSQL 请教一个经典的 postgres 的 sql 怎么写
SELECT s.id AS student_id, s.name, coalse(COUNT(t.id),0) AS transactions_count
FROM t_ s
LEFT JOIN transactions t ON s.id = t.student_id
GROUP BY s.id, s.name; 试试这样呢
22 天前
回复了 Subot 创建的主题 生活方式 热爱生活的人是什么样子的?
@zhang1215 恰饭就不热爱生活了嘛
23 天前
回复了 huangpingdong 创建的主题 随想 年底一些感悟
好帖 ,楼主说的简直直击心灵
31 天前
回复了 zhh2271 创建的主题 GitHub Copilot github 学生认证 copilot
一周吧 你这个提示是还没过吧 是在申请 通过之后会给你的邮箱发邮件 我这个月初刚申请认证的,你句是你提交了申请
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