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V2EX 第 582596 号会员,加入于 2022-05-24 22:49:30 +08:00
Fam is building web3 communities with our mobile-first social network built on top of your NFTs. We are an industry-leading team of ex-Googlers who take pride in being small and productive, with a relentless focus on our product and our people. Fam is based in Shanghai and venture-backed by an international group of VCs and dozens of the best angel investors and creators across both web2 and web3.
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我司,web3 community hub
@zhwithsweet 优先级暂时没这么高,谢谢关注!
@aptx4689 不是哦,我们做的和 tokenomics 无关
@zhangqilin 中英文都可以
应该挺适合我们家的 Go 职位。。。但是我们必须在上海现场办公的。。。可惜了
web 前端的 JD 暂时还没有写好,请直接加我微信咨询,谢谢!
2022-08-22 14:42:17 +08:00
回复了 HanluDSCAPE 创建的主题 酷工作 [上海招聘] Web3 外资初创-前谷歌团队-移动端开发-Flutter
@xiaoyukid 你好,我们后端职位开了哦,有兴趣可以加我微信
2022-08-22 14:41:08 +08:00
回复了 HanluDSCAPE 创建的主题 酷工作 [上海招聘] Web3 外资初创-前谷歌团队 急需 [Go+Solidity]
@lililizi Yes, the position is still open.
2022-06-30 14:52:01 +08:00
回复了 HanluDSCAPE 创建的主题 酷工作 [上海招聘] Web3 外资初创-前谷歌团队-移动端开发-Flutter
@xiaoyukid 目前后端要缓一缓了 招的差不多了,估计新岗位 1-2 个月之后开。
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