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    Steam 一波降价, Portal 1+2 19 块钱
    Steam  •  icylogic  •  2015-11-26 03:40:30 AM  •  最后回复来自 Tetsuchou
    Digital signature.
    Chamber  •  icylogic  •  2015-09-21 17:41:48 PM  •  最后回复来自 JackBlack2006
    shadowsocks  •  icylogic  •  2015-08-31 12:53:16 PM  •  最后回复来自 icylogic
    有人更新到 Android Studio 1.3 了吗?
    Android  •  icylogic  •  2015-06-04 22:26:18 PM  •  最后回复来自 LittleLeopard
    Youtube 测试
    沙盒  •  icylogic  •  2015-03-31 19:57:28 PM  •  最后回复来自 icylogic
    微软和 360 合作
    分享发现  •  icylogic  •  2015-03-20 09:44:58 AM  •  最后回复来自 crystone
    东半球第二简陋的 Hexo 主题 && Hexo 3.0 is coming
    分享创造  •  icylogic  •  2015-03-05 06:27:18 AM  •  最后回复来自 Aether
    问与答  •  icylogic  •  2015-01-28 05:58:20 AM  •  最后回复来自 xieyudi1990
    12306 与 Gmail
    Google  •  icylogic  •  2014-12-30 19:39:03 PM  •  最后回复来自 jings
    icylogic 最近回复了
    21 天前
    回复了 Osk 创建的主题 Linux Systemd: 管天管地管一切
    @BXIA 不是修改一下 unit 就好了么 …… 里面的内容也算简单直观啊 ……

    找不到 unit 的:

    $ systemctl status systemd-networkd

    > ● systemd-networkd.service - Network Service
    > Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-networkd.service; disabled; vendor preset: enabled)
    > Active: inactive (dead)
    > Docs: man:systemd-networkd.service(8)

    $ (sudo) systemctl edit systemd-networkd (--full)

    我用 Arch 是直接用 netctl 的,没有被 networkd 干扰过 ……

    $ systemd-analyze blame

    > 5.578s netctl@ens3.service
    > ...

    Arch Wiki:
    Warning: Use a single method to manage the network, as several methods may conflict.

    /usr/lib/systemd/system/: units provided by installed packages
    /etc/systemd/system/: units installed by the system administrator
    23 天前
    回复了 zgqq 创建的主题 Linux 有没有大佬用 archlinux 工作的?
    不经常滚反而会挂 ……
    最可怕的就是隔好长时间滚,还不如下新的 image 重装
    27 天前
    回复了 taozhijiangscu 创建的主题 MacBook Pro 那些说 256GB 都还不够的同学们
    //居然没人提到一个单机或者网络游戏就会占 20~40GB …… 然后看了下是 Mac 节点 ……
    29 天前
    回复了 wangdefu 创建的主题 Google 怎么搞个 google voice 的靓号
    我的号是-65535 ……-888 有什么意思……
    短时间阅读 kindle 又没什么优势……还得多带一个设备。抱着看完一整本小说这种场景才比较适合,多年以前用 mp3 看小说,后来手机,连着看完一本眼要瞎一会, kindle 长时间看着体验最舒服,视觉上接近纸质,又不像纸质书那样重。
    33 天前
    回复了 tomwan 创建的主题 问与答 sudo 这个词该怎么读?
    我是按 pseudo 读的


    Q) How do you pronounce `sudo'?
    A) The official pronunciation is soo-doo (for su "do"). However, an
    alternate pronunciation, a homophone of "pseudo", is also common.
    特别是 "either A or B is true" 这种判断逻辑的情况,很有可能应该等同于 or 。


    **On the other hand, "Her grades are so good that she's either very bright or studies hard" does not exclude the possibility of both.**
    stack exchange 上的两个答案

    >It isn't always actually used with full precision, though, so, as usual, context has to be taken into account. If somebody says, "select either A or B", for example, they definitely mean that you should not select both. If they say "if either A or B is true", though, they probably mean a non-exclusive OR, and the condition is still true if both A and B are true.

    >Usually, the inclusive sense is used in mathematics and the exclusive sense in everyday life. In any case, further specification or context will remove any doubt.

    所以如果是 choose either A or B 这样那肯定就是 xor 了,但其他情况看语境也可能与 or 同义

    还有 math.toronto.edu 给了同样的解释:

    >In every day language we use the phrase "either A or B" to mean that one of the two options holds, but not both.For example, when most people say something like ``You can have either a hot dog or hamburger," they usually aren't offering you both. The use of ``either/or" in everyday English is usually divisive, and meant to imply there are only two options: A or B, but not both A and B. (The use of "or" in this way is sometimes referred to as "exclusive or.")

    >However, the use of "either A or B" in mathematics allows the option that both A and B hold. (The use of "or" in this way is sometimes referred to as "inclusive or.") For example, in mathematics, the statement "If x is a real number, then either x≤0 or x≥0" allows the possibility that x satisfies both x≤0, as well as x≥0 (which is true of the real number 0).
    92 天前
    回复了 aaronly 创建的主题 PHP Vuerify 完成! Materialize-blog 单页模式,开!
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