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Job Description

Core Responsibilities

Collaborates with project stakeholders to identify product and technical requirements. Conducts analysis to determine integration needs.
Designs new software and web applications, supports applications under development and customizes current applications. Develops software update process for existing applications. Assists in the roll-out of software releases.
Trains junior Software Development Engineers on internally developed software applications.
Oversees the researching, writing and editing of documentation and technical requirements, including evaluation plans, test results, technical manuals and formal recommendations and reports.
Keeps current with technological developments within the industry. Monitors and evaluates competitive applications and products. Reviews literature, patents and current practices relevant to the solution of assigned projects.
Provides technical leadership throughout the design process and guidance with regards to practices, procedures and techniques. Serves as a guide and mentor for junior level Software Development Engineers.
Assists in tracking and evaluating performance metrics. Ensures team delivers software on time, to specification and within budget.
Works with Quality Assurance team to determine if applications fit specification and technical requirements.
Displays expertise in knowledge of engineering methodologies, concepts and skills and their application in the area of specified engineering specialty.
Displays expertise in process design and redesign skills. Presents and defends architectural, design and technical choices to internal audiences.
Consistent exercise of independent judgment and discretion in matters of significance.
Regular, consistent and punctual attendance. Must be able to work nights and weekends, variable schedule(s) and overtime as necessary.
Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
Employees at all levels are expected to:

Understand our Operating Principles; make them the guidelines for how you do your job.
Own the customer experience - think and act in ways that put our customers first, give them seamless digital options at every touchpoint, and make them promoters of our products and services.
Know your stuff - be enthusiastic learners, users and advocates of our game-changing technology, products and services, especially our digital tools and experiences.
Win as a team - make big things happen by working together and being open to new ideas.
Be an active part of the Net Promoter System - a way of working that brings more employee and customer feedback into the company - by joining huddles, making call backs and helping us elevate opportunities to do better for our customers.
Drive results and growth.
Respect and promote inclusion & diversity.
Do what's right for each other, our customers, investors and our communities.


Job Summary

Responsible for planning and designing new software and web applications. Analyzes, tests and assists with the integration of new applications. Oversees the documentation of all development activity. Trains non-technical personnel. Assists with tracking performance metrics. Integrates knowledge of business and functional priorities. Acts as a key contributor in a complex and crucial environment. May lead teams or projects and shares expertise.

Job Description


Develop and maintain Freewheel SSP SDK components on multiple platforms including iOS/tvOS, Android and Web including associated tools and tests.
Conduct tech designs, document software functionalities and APIs
Continuously improve the performance and liability of our products and services.
Provide hands-on technical support to our customers through Zendesk and validate client-side integration with Freewheel advertising platform.
Collaborate with global engineering, product , operation and support team

BS/MS/PhD degree in Computer Sciences
3 years+ of relevant experience in developing and debugging on at least 2 of the following platforms
○ iOS ○ Android ○ HTML5

You should have experience with video player components on mobile/desktop platforms (AVPlayer, ExoPlayer etc.)
You should have deep knowledge of HTTP and other common web protocols
Experience with video codecs , streaming technology or advertising industry is a plus
You should have experience in Linux or Linux based systems
You should be fluent in English with excellent communication skills and can work well in a global team-oriented environment
You are smart, logically intrigued and enthusiastic about challenges
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